I am a natural, born healer, with an extraordinary talent for  assisting individuals and groups in major transformation work.
I have developed a healing modality called Bodymind Transformation which I have used very successfully for over 35 years.

My approach is more to unfold the potential of an individual, or situation, rather than try to fix the problem.  Every problem is driven by its potential, and I can show you how to unfold that potential to take the place of the perceived problem.

Healing is not just about making changes in yourself, it is about manifesting your full-potential, and actively participating with others in their unfoldment.

Over 40-years of dealing with 'seemingly' impossible situations.

Don't be confused by the facts.

All reality is malleable.

Please read this disclaimer:

By courtesy of the Department of CYA
(Cover Your Ass):

Please note that Mark McFeely is a metaphysical healer, not a medical practitioner.
He does not directly, or indirectly dispense medical advice, diagnose, or prescribe. He offers information based on his own opinions, experiences, and personal preferences.


Any information, theories, philosophies and opinions offered, whether verbal, written or implied, are always intended to be informational and educational.

If you have any questions about your personal health and well being, you are duly advised to consult a qualified medical practitioner.

There! You've been told!


Contact information:

Mark McFeely,
Master Healer
Holodynamics Consultant and Facilitator.

The Bodymind Transformation Institute®
Now in Bend, Oregon, USA

Mark has consulting rooms in Bend, Oregon.

By appointment only.

Rates: $150 for 1-hour.
$37.50 per additional 15-mins.

If you want to transform your life without getting into never ending therapy, let me help you. 

 Tel: 602-885-8008.

E-mail: markmcfly@msn.com

I can work with you in person, face-to-face, or long-distance.

Most of my sessions are distant, working with people on other continents.

When you get that time and space do not really exist,
and we are all connected already, distance is not an issue.

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Welcome to Mark McFeely's
Home Page!

Great news!!!
It's really not 

There is an innate intelligence within your being that really knows what you want, and how to achieve it. Do you think
it might be a good idea to communicate with that?

My perception, understanding, and absolute confidence in the potential and integrity of human beings is such that I am not intimidated by any disease or condition, regardless of historical or medical evidence.

Let me inspire you to transform your limiting beliefs, explore unknown dimensions of your being, assist you in re-connecting with the Divine, and achieve that which may, at this time, seem impossible.

I believe in you!

Just because we can't prove something, does not mean that it is not real.  After all these years, I still don't fully comprehend how healing works, but the people who are walking around, well past their 'sell by date' are good enough proof for me.




 My passion is to turn you on to who you really are, and let you get on with being your authentic self. A session with me would typically result in your experiencing major healing and transformation in your life, and as you aquire the effective tools and skills, you will be able to continue your journey of transformation, maturation and healing on your own.

Truly an Holistic Healer, I work with multiple dimensions, including Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit, with the emphasis on keeping them all functioning together, at their fullest potential.


When one is diagnosed with an illness, all one sees is illness, not the possibility of recovery'.

 It is a very common scenario where a person gets lost in questioning why they are ill, rather than focusing on getting well.

    *Why did this happen to me?

    *What do I want?  

   *What can I do now?

With over 40 years of successfully transforming "impossible situations", some of Mark's best successes have been with individuals who've been told, "Just learn to live with it!"

If there is something you want to change,
but don't know how, call Mark NOW! 




  The healer's healer, heals the healers.



Bodymind Transformation® is the action of accessing, identifying and changing the deep level programing that runs people's lives, forms their bodies, and shapes their realities.

The change facilitates freedom of movement and a greater quality of living, where sickness, disease and aging are no longer the default program.

This is not about fixing, but rather a means of transforming the controlling and limiting programs at sub-conscious and super-conscious levels, thereby facilitating a renewed empowerment of the individual.

Some thoughts to reflect on...

"All reality is malleable. It's a question of perception, and  expectation."                        -Geoff Boltwood, Healer

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  -Wayne Dyer

"Reality is based on our memory, and expectation."    - Deepak Chopra

The psychic energy can give us the potential to alter our perception of the situation sub-consciously. What healers seem to be able to do, to put it simply, is to allay at a sub-conscious level, the negative feelings which stop sick people recovering."

"I regard healing as a jump-lead which enables people to start healing themselves".

When a person responds it is nourishing to give to him, or her, but when there is resistance, or unwillingness  to change, it becomes a draining exercise.

It' a bit like giving someone a push to start their car. It is satisfying to see them rev up their engine and get going. But when they ask, time and time again  for a push and they do not have the ignition turned on, it becomes very tiring. It is useful to notice which kind of people you are giving to.

It is also important to remember that you may not be able to work with everyone. Perhaps they would be better off going to see another healer. Do not be quick to take on the feeling of failure. Saying NO can sometimes be the most positive action to take in a given situation.


All reality is malleable:-

After all, we expect cuts to heal, bones to knit, colds to clear. You have the power to change your illness, if you really believe you can." (Peto Institute, Budapest, Hungary.)

Like many doctors still, scientists find it almost impossible to take on the notion of psychic energy. One commonly held idea is that the healing response is a placebo effect, simply the power of suggestion, or due to the charisma of an individual healer.  This has been refuted by the success rate of absent healing, and the healing of animals, plants and situations.

octors and scientists are now recognizing, and acknowledging that although they cannot explain it, healing is producing positive results.  More than that, respected surgeons such as Larry Doosey and Dr. Oz, have witnessed phenomena that have inspired them to look further into the phenomena of 'non-local mind' and alternative healing modalities.

A handful of physicists are prepared to accept the notion of psychic healing on the basis that there is some other sort of energy that we do not yet understand. 'We have something similar in physics called non-local interaction. It is beyond what present day science knows, but new developments could perhaps eventually deal with it'. -Prof. David Bohm, Emeritus prof of physics at Birkbeck College.

Nobel prize winner Prof. Brian Josephson, a Cambridge physicist, believes there may be similarities between healing and telepathy as examples of non-local interaction - that is, causing an effect without visible physical means (local interaction would involve conventional energy/matter interacting, like talking on the telephone). At present, Josephson is unable to offer an explanation of psychic energy and its effects, but he does not doubt that it is 'positive, a genuine phenomenon'.

Call Mark now on 602-885-8008
E-mail to markmcfly@msn.com


Checkout BodyMind Transformation at this link



 Now check this out!     http://www.healingthroughtransformation.com 

" The human spirit is what needs nourishing!" 
-Robin Williams/Awakenings  


E-mail:  markmcfly@msn.com